Vision, Mission & Values

mould inserts


It is Knudsen Plast’s vision to be the preferred partner for supply of injection moulded medical devices to the healthcare companies.


Knudsen Plast is proactive and takes responsibility for product and production maturing, ramp-up and volume production og high quality injection molded medical devices.


At Knudsen Plast we work according to five core values: We seek value. We work together. We break habits. We keep our promises. We learn every day.

We chase value

We ask questions, and we constantly challenge and optimise the way things are done. We think the process over before launching it to make sure we get it right the first time. And finally, we learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.

We keep our promises

You can trust us to keep our promises. If we are unable to solve a task, we will say no, and we trust others to do what they have promised to do.

We cooperate

We are good at listening and offering our help. We sympathise with and respect each other. We are flexible, responsible and set a good tone.


We learn every day

We look for good ideas within the organisation. We motivate our staff and listen to their thoughts. It is forbidden say, ‘We have already tried that’. Instead we are curious, open and interested. And we share our knowledge with each other.

We break habits

Nothing is sacrosanct at Knudsen Plast. We are open to new areas of work and new tasks. We are ready to embrace change and always put forward our ideas.